I love reading, but most of my friends don’t share my same enthusiasm—especially when it comes to biographies and autobiographies. To a history lover you can imagine my dismay over this! But I do understand what they are getting at. Sometimes you read a biography, and it’s just boring. And autobiographies are even worse! I will admit I did have a bit of these prejudices when I started reading Forward in the Face of Fear by Dr. Edgar Feghaly. But they did not last long. Once I started the book, I could not put it down! I have never read a nonfiction book that kept my attention so well. Here are some reasons you should read Forward in the Face of Fear: 

1. It will challenge your comfortable Christianity.

This book constantly shows a man who is fully surrendered to go wherever God wants him to go, even if that means leaving a comfortable life. When I read Dr. Feghaly’s story, I could not help but think of the Christians of yesteryear who were persecuted and martyred for the faith.  I asked myself if I would be willing to suffer as they did for Christ. My heart aches inside me, because although I would readily say yes, I do not know for sure that I would. This troubles me, because how could I not be willing to die for the One who gave Himself for me? It is simple really— it is too far out of my comfort zone. Our Christianity today is so comfortable! We’re willing to settle for less of God to make our lives easier.  Edgar Feghaly tells how he left a comfortable life in Canada to return to war-torn Lebanon with his wife and child. He was willing to witness in the midst insane circumstances such as shootings and bombings. He did so with no fear, knowing that the God who called him would see him through it. This constantly challenged my faith throughout the book.

2. IT shows the  gospel can and does work anywhere if Christians are willing to share it!

The gospel works! Sometimes we might think witnessing to a certain group of people is impossible, but it’s not! I love this book, because it shows time and time again that the gospel works all around the world if there is a Christian who is willing to share it. How many times have I not shared the gospel with someone because I was too afraid? One time is too many! Throughout Dr. Feghaly’s book I was challenged to share the gospel more, because it can and will make a difference—all I have to do is share it.

3. IT is just an awesome book.

The last point isn’t as compelling as the first two, but this book really is amazing. As I was reading it, every few chapters my eyes widened, my face got a huge smile, and I had to tell someone the latest insane story from it. I cried several times through the book from conviction, happiness, and just awe of God.

I loved how this book shows that God still works today—all He needs is a willing servant! I hope that you read this book. It will be released April 11 from Striving Together Publications (bit.ly/1RSlxZi). Let me know what you think of it!