I was on the road of life and everything was grand.

Everything in life was going just as planned.

Just when it seemed nothing could go wrong I saw a sign ahead
“Road closed. Must take a detour,” the sign read.

“I will take this detour if I must,”
I said with a voice full of disgust.

The road was rough and there was no beauty to behold.
My heart soon became weary and began to grow cold.

“Why me?” I asked God with a voice of distain;
I demanded that He to me explain.

“Why did You do this to me when my life was perfect?
Now my life is ruined and nothing but wrecked!”

I pointed my finger at God and demanded “Why me?”
He simply replied “I gave Myself for thee.”

The tears welled up in my eyes as I cried;
I was so, stupid, ignorant, and full of pride.

God gave me all I needed in one simple act;
But in all my pride, from God I did move back.

That detour at first so troublesome,
A beautiful blessing, it had become.

It reminded me that God is always there,
And my burden, He will help bear.

That road that was once had no beauty to behold,
Soon began to look as if it were a street of gold.

God can make the ugliest of things beautiful
And make the saddest situations joyful.

I thank God for that unplanned detour,
For it made my trust in Him more sure.

If something does not go as you have planed,
Remember a detour with God can be grand.